The Renton Innovation Zone Partnership (RIZP) Innovation Fund is open to submit proposals! The Innovation Fund will support projects and organizations in the Skyway-West Hill and Renton Sunset-Highlands neighborhoods to move us towards our 4 year targets and academic outcomes for students at our 4 elementary schools: Lakeridge, Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill and Highlands.

RIZP Staff encourages innovative proposals that are aligned with our Mission, Vision and Targets.

The guidelines for proposals are as follows:
● The maximum amount for a single proposal is $15,000
● Funding will be for up to 1 year
● Proposals will be reviewed every other month.

RIZP Mission
To lead a relationship-based, data informed collaborative network to advance racial equity and create healthy learning opportunities for all children throughout the Renton Innovation Zone.

RIZP Vision
Working to ensure that every child is thriving, supported, connected and is inspired to learn.

RIZP Targets
By the 2022-23 School Year…
● 78% of children will be academically, physically, socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten
● 74% of 3rd graders will meet their English Language Arts proficiency
● 74% of 4th graders will meet their Math proficiency

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated in the following areas on a scale of 1-5:
1. Budget – Service Delivery and Capacity
2. Cultural Appropriateness – Organization’s capacity and program design to work with identified population(s)
3. Implementation – Alignment with RIZP Mission, Vision and Targets
4. Measurement – Measurement built into proposal to track success
5. Sustainability – Project sustainability beyond initial Innovation Fund investment

Deadline to submit proposals is 1st Friday of every other month:
*4/3/20—Note: We have moved our April deadline to May 1st so we can better respond to the extended needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If interested, please submit a proposal by following this link.