Thanks To Our Math/STEM Attendees!

Our work wouldn’t be possible without you.

We want to thank the students and families who attended one of our Math/STEM events! We hope that everyone enjoyed the opportunity to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands-on activities.

Here’s a glimpse into our early learning Math/STEM success:

  • 38 families attended
  • Over 110 individuals participated
  • 16 Community and High School Volunteers
  • 6 Interpreters including Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish and Somali
  • Over 27 hands-on Math & STEM activities
  • 5 Community based organizations involved

Early Learning Opportunities:

  • Block Puzzle
  • Subitizing With Dominos
  • The Roll & Cross Game
  • Loose Parts, Loose Parts and Counting
  • Muffins & Buttons
  • Interactive Number Line
  • The Amazing Race Routine
  • Penny Collection
  • Optical Art Task
  • Math Cards
  • Sorting Different Items
  • Sorting By Size
  • Sorting by Colors and Shapes
  • Breaking Ice to Make Shapes
  • Triangle Shapes From Broken Ice
  • Sink or Float Experiment
  • Exploring With Binoculars
  • Exploring With Magnifying Glasses