Opportunities To Thrive

Our Strategies

Our strategies include the work of schools, community-based organizations, government entities and community leaders that co-design strategies that create opportunities for historically underserved communities to thrive.

“Tell us what you want. What are your dreams for your children? What are your needs for your family? How do we put it all together?”

-Staff, Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church

Collective Impact Approach

The Renton Innovation Zone Partnership has been in development since Fall 2017. Several community partners came together to develop these core strategies to reach our target outcomes:

  • Build an Early Learning system, increasing the quality of existing providers and create additional high-quality opportunities for families and early learners.
  • Meet the Basic Needs of students and families within the RIZ geographic region. We know there are several challenges our families face and our current priorities are increasing housing stability and access to culturally appropriate behavioral health services.
  • Intentional Community and Family Engagement. We are at our best when Families and Youth are empowered to engage and co-design the work that will impact them.

Using a Collective Impact approach , the RIZ Partnership team serves as the backbone organization, with each strategy convening an action team, plus a Community Council, which all meet monthly. These teams are focused on driving the work forward through service delivery, advising strategic decisions and quality improvement.

“We need to be able to figure out a way to help them feel welcomed and valued regardless of their level of education or their language.” – Staff, Lakeridge Elementary



Improvement Plan

The Renton Innovation Zone Partnership offers a unique opportunity to learn from families what they hope their children will achieve. With the Improvement Plan, we hope to learn together and foster social, academic and economic success for all students living in Skyway/West Hill and the Highlands communities.


Click here to view our improvement plan
For more information about our Improvement Plan, please contact riz@partnership.org



Areas of Focus:

Action Teams

The collaboration, planning and expansion of community services for children and families in the Renton Innovation Zone Partnership to date would not have been possible without the generous financial support from The Ballmer Group, The Boeing Company and the Renton Regional Community Foundation.


Connect communities and schools to improve the well-being of children and their academic performance in the service areas of four elementary schools in the Renton School District: Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Highlands and Lakeridge.

Early Learning Action Team

Focuses on increasing the quality and availability of high-quality learning experiences for all children in the service areas of four elementary schools in the Renton School District: Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Highlands and Lakeridge.

Community and Family Engagement

Ensures that the work of Renton Innovation Zone Partnership committees and Action Teams is responsive to the community and family priorities.



“If we’re honest about closing gaps, I want to know, how are we elevating and building the capacity of the community itself, so that they close the gap for themselves?

I don’t believe in services. I really don’t. Don’t give me a handout. But stand with me, support me so that you’re giving me access to a system that’s not set for me, and you’re a true ally.

Dismantle that system with me, and break it with me. Because it’s not about me. There’s generations that are coming after me.” – Staff, Somali Parents Education Board

“My understanding of the vision is that…it goes back to that it takes a village to raise a child-that in order for schools to be able to reach, to meet the academic needs of students, the other needs of the families and students need to be met, need to be supported along the way.” – Staff, Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church